My Information is Highly Recommended

Mathematicians Will Always Be Luckier Than Gamblers

Bookmakers win because they are not gambling – they are mathematicians who balance their book and can offset their liabilities if they are over-exposed to a particular result – whichever horse wins they are pretty much going to come out winning. Most people are using nothing other than a little form analysis and luck to decide which horse to back. This is where Martin Bishop Racing differs…

Information from where it matters

By using a vast array of contacts across the horse racing industry built up over 35 years, my selections are not based on previous outings, but what is going on off the course – which can be a lot more relevant.

Through my 35 years experience working within the horse racing industry and as an owner of a significant number of both Flat and National Hunt race horses I have developed a list of friends, acquaintances and contacts that include owners, trainers, jockeys, stable hands, and some of the most prominent figures within the horse racing industry today. It affords me a wealth of privileged information with horse selection often directly from horse racing yards across the country on the day of a particular race.

How To Use Information

We know about many of the big horse racing gambles that go on whilst the price is still available and give the information out daily across my 3 leading services, this means that we often take the bigger prices as the odds on our selections normally shorten.

No horse is a dead cert, and anyone who tells you any different is lying. We are talking about animals and there are so many variables that on the day anything could happen. What we are doing is making sure that consistently we are using information that is much more closer aligned to what’s going on away from the course as opposed to the more traditional methods of looking at what has happened in previous runs.

It’s not only the bookies who are mathematicians, we are mathematicians too, and obviously you always want to be backing horses at the biggest prices available and using any information available to do so.

Typical things I analyse, and information I receive each day:

  • Is a Horse really out to win the race?
  • Or is it just out for some experience and some time on a race course?
  • How is the horse performing on the gallops?
  • How have preparations been going?
  • What do the stable jockeys report?
  • What does the trainer think?
  • What feed is the horse on?
  • How is the horse working compared to it’s handicap mark?
  • What other horses is he\she working with at home?
  • Is the horse considered fit and ready?

Simple information that greatly assists in our decision making.

So, is that it?

No! I do not offer a get-rich-quick scheme, and the reality is any scheme that promises massive rewards always has massive risks – not something that I recommend taking. I strongly recommend a calculated points based staking system that goes hand in hand with my selections: