Today’s Horse Racing Tips – 4th December 2019

We have yet another 5pt MAX Bet today. We have 5 runners in total with two 3 point bets as well. I told you we were in for a big time and we have been totally on fire as usual.

It was yet another MAX 5pt MAX BET landed yesterday and a profit across all bets yet again.

However it has to be said, how unlucky can we be to have 3 seconds to go with the big winner. We deserved more winners on the day.

We still landed a nice profit across all bets on the day and we expect more of the same today.

First Lord De Cuet had been laid out to win and did it nicely. He improved a bundle like we said from his previous run and was expected to land a gamble. He won nicely and is one to keep an eye on.

We also had 3 seconds. In particular Storm Ahead who was massively unlucky to get out bobbed after doing all the hard work. He will be winning soon.

We are showing a massive profit across all bets in 2019 and we expect more winners today. We have some massive information coming up in the next few days and the news is strong.

4 runners in total and we expect a big day.

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