Today’s Horse Racing TipsThursday 17th June 2021

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Yesterday's Results and Today's Horse Racing Tips

4 runners today and we expect another big day. We have another very strong NAP and we expect another massive day.

It was a massive day on the day yesterday and we expect more of the same today.

It has to be said that we were very unlucky not to have 4 winners from 4 runners yesterday. We had to settle for 3 winners and a place.

However we had 3 massive winners. Stronsay was expected to win nicely and did it well. The money was down and it was an easy win.

We also had a big word for Sizing Cusimano, he drifted in the market and still won as expected. He is one to keep an eye on and the information from the yard spot on.

That just left the NAP. Montather was expected to win for connections and he did it well. He was coming off a big break but we knew the was fit and ready to go in. Another where the inside information was spot on. He will be winning again and it was another NAP landed.

3 massive winners on the day and an unlucky place. We expect more winners today.

We have 4 runners today and the news is strong.

For a comprehensive overview of my points based staking system you can find out more about the points system here.

What are the Points Advised?

All bets Martin Bishop Racing provides follow a simple system of either a 1, 2 or 3 point win or each\way bet:

Bet Advised Total Points Cost based on £10 / point
1 point win 1 £10
1 point e\w 2 £20
2 point win 2 £20
2 point e\w 4 £40
3 point win 3 £30
3 point e\w 6 £60


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40 thoughts on “Today’s Tips

  1. alan

    Late info from track was spot on, 6/1 winner ! £25 double on Novabridge doubled with top ville Ben just paid most of my festive beer money :) thank you (also my 1st day)

      1. Neil

        Great work today Martin – not only did I back all the selections in singles I did a £15 Canadian of which 4 of the 5 selections came in returning just over £4.5k :-)

    1. Ade


      I’ve been in dis game for years and I must admit that M. Bishop is one of the best out there. I’m enjoying gambling again despite its my second day with the top man. Thanks Martin and keep supplying those inside information. Respect.

  2. Nathaniel

    Nice to hear at last some top class information. Thanks Martin, it was my first day with you so little money and little gain but very happy. Once again thanks

    1. Martin Bishop Post author

      All tips use the same points based staking system so a 4 point bet is stronger than a 2 point bet. However 5 point bets are normally only provided on my Premium Bet service.

      I recommend all packages but it also depends on when you like to bet. Platinum Membership provides a reliable daily email at 11am. MBR Live is information as and when it arrives which can be quite sporadic, whilst Premium Bets are less frequent (probably 8 a month).

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