Points Based Betting

To consistently maximise your percentages on horse racing it is absolutely imperative that you stick to a points based staking systemMartin Bishop, Professional Gambler

Strong Information and a Points Based Staking System is Key

Placing bets of the back of strong information gives you an advantage to a degree, but combining that with a simple points based staking system is the key to maximising your returns. All bets are advised using a simple 1 to 3 point staking system – a simple yet highly effective system:

Betting Bank

Whilst backing winners is great, to successfully maximise your returns you have to put aside your staking money into a dedicated betting bank. Dividing this betting bank into points determines the size of each of your bets.

What is the value of your point?

Divide the total amount of money in your betting bank into between 100 and 250 points depending on the size of your initial betting bank. With a slightly smaller bank you may decide to be a little more aggressive. If you are placing larger bets you may wish to have a bigger bank. The main thing is you have to be comfortable with the amounts you are staking and whilst the incentive is to win, you must always be prepared to lose.

Bank Value of Your Point
(100 Point Bank)
Value of Your Point
(200 Point Bank)
Value of Your Point
(250 Point Bank)
£500 £5 N \ A N \ A
£1000 £10 £5 £4
£2500 £25 £12.50 £10
£5,000 £50 £25 £20
£25,000 N \ A £125 £100
£50,000 N \ A N \ A £200

If you have £1000 to bet and decide to use a 100 point system, your average point will be £10, and a 2 point win bet would be a total bet of £20. If you have £10,000 to bet, you may wish to give yourself a bigger comfort zone and use a 200 point bank, and the average value of a point would be £50, and likewise a 2 point win bet would be £100.

Decide on how much you have to bet. Decide on a points value based on a bank of between 100 and 250 points, and work out how much you will be staking. Do it now.

Managing Your Betting

Whatever figure you decide to bet you must not touch for any other purpose than for placing bets, and you should only withdraw money if you have reach your target. You can increase and decrease the size of your point, but only over longer periods of time when things have had a chance to average out.

I recommend reviewing your position on a monthly basis – you should look at this as your monthly accounting, and decide whether you will cut down your point total, withdraw your money, or increase the value of your point – always sticking to a minimum of 100 points and a maximum of 250 points.

I have a £1000 Bank – £10/Point is not enough…

Wrong. Remember – this is cumulative and you increase your points system as you are winning (or losing) on a monthly basis. So take the first 5 months of the year where Martin Bishop Racing returned 69, 88, 161, 73 and 41 points for the months January through to May:

Starting Balance Bet per point Points Profit £’s Profit Closing Balance
January £1000 £10 69 points £690 £1690
February £1690 £16.90 88 points £1487.20 £3177.20
March £3177.20 £31.70 161 points £5103.70 £8280.90
April £8280.90 £82.80 73 points £6044.40 £14,325.30
May £14325.30 £143.25 41 points £5873.25 £20,198.55

So from starting with £1000 and betting just £10/point, after just 5 months you now have £20,198.55 with a clear profit of £19,198.55 from just £10 / point bets. If you don’t currently use a points system compare this with your actual results. Unless you have got extremely lucky with an accumulator bet there is no chance of matching these figures.

In fact, based on our own results in January, if we started with £1000 and were betting £100/point we would have lost our £1000 on January the 3rd, yet because we could take a consistent approach we would actually have gone on to make £20,198.55. So armed with this information, it is clear to see why it is absolutely imperative to stick to our suggested points system.

What are the Points Advised?

All bets Martin Bishop Racing provides follow a simple system of either a 1, 2 or 3 point win or each\way bet:

Bet Advised Total Points Cost based on £10 / point
1 point win 1 £10
1 point e\w 2 £20
2 point win 2 £20
2 point e\w 4 £40
3 point win 3 £30
3 point e\w 6 £60

It should now be clear why it is important to decide how much money you have to bet and how to calculate what is the right amount for you to bet, but if you have any questions feel free to let us know and we’ll be glad to help